I Hate You Juliet (2019) (2019)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 너 미워 줄리엣
  • Also known as: I Hate You! Juliet, Neo Miwo Julliet
  • Air time: 5
  • Broadcast Period: 14/02/2019 to ??
  • Watch online

I Hate You Juliet (2019) (2019)

너 미워 줄리엣,I Hate You! Juliet,Neo Miwo Julliet

TV Show , Romance , Supernatural , Variety , Korean | Completed


It is about two very different man and woman falling in love with each other. Jung Woo is a top celebrity doesn’t believe in fates and Ji Won is a script-writer student who thinks life is all about one’s destiny. Jung Woo falls in love with Ji Won, who he never thought he would do after the electric shock with her. After the incident, he can hear what Ji Won thinks inside and the more he gets to know her, the more attached he is to her. When he is convinced that he’s in love with her, his ability goes away. Can those two different people be first love for each other?
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Park Hyun Sook Kang Soo Hyun Support Role
Choi Jung Woo Lee Dong Jae Support Role
Kim Bo Mi Lee Young Joo Support Role
Jang Seung Woo Andy Park Support Role
Han Sang Jin Song Shi Kyung Support Role
Kim Min Kyung Tak Hyun Jin Support Role
Kim Kang Hyun Park Sung Soo Support Role
Lee Il Hwa Gong Doo Shim Support Role
Choi Woong Bong Joon Mo Main Role
Moon Soo Bin Lee Soo Ji Main Role
Lee Hong Ki Cha Yool Main Role
Jung Hye Sung Gu Na Ra Main Role
Ham Eun Jung Unknown Guest Role
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