The Guest (2018)


  • Countries: Korean
  • Original title: 손: The Gues
  • Also known as: Hand: The Guest, 手: 客人
  • Directors: Kim Hong Sun
  • Air time: 4,5 at 23:00
  • Broadcast Period: 12/09/2018 to 01/11/2018
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The Guest (2018)

손: The Gues,Hand: The Guest,手: 客人

TV Series , Detective , Investigation , Mystery , Psychological , Korean | Completed


Crimes caused by mysterious powers take place. A psychic, a Catholic priest and a detective fight against these crimes.
Yoon Hwa Pyung is the psychic. He was born to a shaman family. Hwa Pyung seeks out those possessed by evil spirits and attempts to expel the evil spirits.
Choi Yoon is the Catholic priest. He is cynical and cool-headed. He doesn't like having relationships with others. He is recognized for his abilities as an exorcist.
Kang Kil Young is the detective. She doesn't believe in evil spirits or exorcisms, but her views change because of Choi Yoon and Hwa Pyung.
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Choi Seung Hun Yoon Hwa Pyung [Young] Support Role
Kim Ji Won Son Hyun Joo Support Role
Kim Hong Seon Unknown Director
Seo Jae Won Unknown Screenwriter
Choi Seung Hoon Yoon Hwa Pyung [Young] Support Role
Baek Bum Soo Min Goo Support Role
Ahn Nae Sang Priest Yang Support Role
Yoon Jong Seok Priest Choi Support Role
Park Ho San Go Bong Sang Support Role
Kim Ji Young Unknown Unknown
Lee Won Jong Yook Gwang Support Role
Kim Jae Wook Choi Yoon Main Role
Kim Dong Wook Yoon Hwa Pyung Main Role
Jung Eun Chae Kang Kil Young Main Role
Park Hyo Joo Unknown Guest Role
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